a Spring 2017 Photo Series

Creative Direction by Sally LaPointe

Photography by Jasmine Deporta


Her.Found, a first of its kind for the brand, was produced in collaboration with Italian photographer, Jasmine Deporta and shot in New York in late October.

Through Her.Found Sally LaPointe wanted to explore the strength in anonymity.  The model’s slightly or fully obstructed face exhibits a confidence that embodies the Sally LaPointe woman.  Her environment, embroideries from the collection as larger-than-life canvases, is an exploration in showcasing the intricacies of the collection in another dimension.

Photographer Jasmine Deporta’s talent for capturing delicate and personal moments with relatable circumstances and common places works to create new contexts in curious and alluring aesthetics.

It was Jasmine’s eye for composition.  Shooting faceless beauties in a way that feels very natural and powerful is precisely what drew me to her work in the first place.

Sally LaPointe

I think it can be very interesting to leave identity to the imagination of the viewer.  The point of concentration then becomes more about the composition, forms, colors, details.

Jasmine Deporta

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